Bible Talks on Sundays

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21/04/2019 6.00  pmThe power of prayerMatt Wroughton
28/04/2019 6.00  pmOur planet our responsibility Anthony Whitehorn
05/05/2019 6.00  pmWhy did Jesus have to die?Ben Brook (FIRST STEPS SUNDAY)
12/05/2019 6.00  pmBearing each others burdensStephen Hole
19/05/2019 6.00  pmThe Jews: witnesses to the existence of GodJeremy Thomas
26/05/2019 6.00  pmOriginal Christianity: The Message Jesus TaughtDavid Barnes
02/06/2019 6.00  pmOne Bible, Many Churches - Why?Phil Arnold (FIRST STEPS SUNDAY)
09/06/2019 6.00  pmThe human heart: a miracle of creationJonathan Cope
16/06/2019 6.00  pmHave you seen the Devil?Mark Basten

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