Hall Green Activities

Sunday School

Our Sunday School meets at 9.15am each week, at the Hall Green meeting room, with around twenty five children between the ages of four and sixteen currently attending. Whilst the younger ones concentrate on some of the exciting stories, the teenagers look at the challenging and relevant issues the Bible raises for our lives today, and the promises it makes about the future. Lessons are brought alive with craft and drama activities, and the children are rewarded for memorising relevant Bible verses each week.

Once a term we get together for a special breakfast -bacon butties and croissants aways go down well! We put on a play once every couple of years, with great costumes and props, and a clear message for those watching. We have an annual party, an outing in the summer and a prize giving to round off the year. Great friendships are made in a happy environment centred on the Bible.

Adult Study Class

At the same time as the Sunday School, and Adult Study Class takes place. We study books of the Bible, such as Revelation, and Nehemiah, as well as looking at challenging practical aspects such as humility, the role of elders, and prayer.

Bible Hour and Bible Class

Bible Hour

Sunday, at the Hall Green meeting room. Usually at 6pm.

Led by our own members and speakers from our community across the country, we deal with a range of Bible subjects in a variety of formats in this meeting.

Forthcoming subjects and times are listed here.

These are some of the many subjects covered:

  • The Bible explains what happens when we die
  • Why you should believe in God
  • The Bible and Syria
  • Sin, repentance and forgiveness
  • Jesus Christ: Son of God and Son of Man
  • Palestine - whose land?
  • With God everything is possible

Bible Class

Tuesday, 8pm, at the Hall Green meeting room. Here, we present topics in more depth. You can guarantee a healthy discussion over a cup of tea, after the talk.

Some recent Bible class subjects included:

  • Introduction to the Epistles to the Thessalonians
  • A new look at Jonah
  • 1 Thessalonians part 1
  • The Pomegranate
  • Jephthat Vowed unto the Lord

Youth Groups

Every Friday in term time, from 6.45pm to 8pm, normally at our Hall Green meeting room, we hold a Junior Youth Group for school years 2 to 6, and from 8pm to 9.45pm, we hold the Senior Youth Group for school years 7 and above.

Youth Group is a safe and enjoyable atmosphere for children to make friends and have fun as well as learning important principles and morals.

The evening is broken down into two halves. Firstly we have a 'Bible Time' when we explore a Bible passage or theme with the children, with the emphasis on bringing out practical lessons that will help them in their lives. After refreshments we spend the rest of the evening enjoying a fun activity - these range from sports and games to craft, cooking, quizzes, treasure hunts, and much more!